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Welcome To Nginuity

Nginuity Limited is a privately owned UK company who specialise in the design and manufacture of aerospace airborne and ground test interface modules.

Nginuity design and manufacture interface modules for use within the avionics test industry, these are typically used by avionics manufacturers, installers and operators for the test and verification of aircraft avionics.

We have an extensive range of airborne protocol converters and avionics interface adapters which convert data between digital and legacy systems, and aerospace and non-aerospace standards.

We also manufacture a series of data acquisition products including, signal conditioners, pressure and inertial measurement units, data recorders and power supplies for instrumentation.

We typically provide environmental qualification to DO-160D/E/F and software qualification in accordance with the requirements of DO-178B Level D, but qualifications to other standards can also be provided more

Our company overview brochure, providing further details on products and services offered by Nginuity, can be downloaded here.