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DAQAHRS™ GPS/Inertial Sensor Module

Product Information

DAQAHRS is a high performance Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Global Positioning System (GPS) providing position and inertial navigation information with 10 degrees of freedom.

DAQAHRS provides calibrated sensor data and a drift free orientation solution using an Extended Kalman Filter.

DAQAHRS GPS/Inertial Sensor Module integrates all the sensors needed to achieve full position and motion sensing of any platform for data recording or position indication applications. The fused data as well as the individual sensor data are available directly.

Each interface can be configured to output any parameter. Full integrated with our DAQ9000 Data Acquisition System and other products in the DAQ range for acquisition, recording and correlation with other data sources.

Product Features

Attitude and Heading




GPS Receiver

Speed Inertial Augmentation

Data Output Options


The DAQAHRS product is supported by our DAQManager software suite. The DAQManager software allows the orientation of the device to be set, hard and soft iron calibration to be performed as well as real time display of the computed output parameters via means of a simulated instrument display.

DAQManager also provides a logging facility to allow data be recorded to file.

DAQAHRS Options Available

The DAQAHRS is available in flight test international orange, natural Alocrom 1200 or black fine textured powder finish, as well as standard and extended temperature range options.

Click here to download our product data sheet (697.22 KB) EN

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